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        Earth Week Series: Campbell’s World HQ is green with building tech


        By: Kerrin Donnelly, Director of Facilities at Campbell


        When the design of our new world headquarters (WHQ) campus began back in 2008, energy efficiency was top of mind. Our Global Engineering team worked closely with design professionals to ensure we constructed a state-of-the-art sustainable facility.


        LEED Certification was the intent from the project’s origin and the team exceeded their goals, earning a LEED Silver distinction.

        Here’s a quick tour I did on our @CampbellSoupCo Snapchat account!


        We’ve applied those same design principles to each phase of renovation at our WHQ building, which helped streamline operations and even reduced energy and water consumption. Sustainable and recycled content building products were incorporated in all design elements, including the rubber flooring known as “Main Street” and the carpet tiles throughout our workspace.


        Here’s a list of other behind-the-scenes sustainable systems around campus:


        • Daylight harvesting – indoor lights automatically adjust to natural light levels coming in from outside
        • Motion/Infrared sensors – you’ll be caught in the dark if you sit still long enough
        • CO2 Sensors – our mechanical systems know when humans are in the room and will start delivering fresh air
        • Advanced temperature controls – temperatures automatically adjust based on occupancy
        • Recycled content can be found in all of our building materials such as drywall, ceiling tiles, floor finishes and furniture


        Work or go to school in an LEED building? Share a pic on social media, tell us where the pic was taken and what makes it LEED certified. Tag it with #CampbellEarthWeek! We’ll re-share the best pics.