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        Monthly Archives: March 2015

        Campbell's Healthy Communities Taking Shape in Camden

        It started with a commitment. In February 2011, we launched the Campbell’s Healthy Communities Program, a commitment of time, talent and $10 million over ten years to measurably improve the health of the young people in our hometown of Camden, New Jersey by reducing childhood obesity and hunger by 50 percent. Now in year four…

        From Chore to Explore: Foodie Culture is Expanding

        Have you recently snapped a photo of vegetables on display at a farmer’s market or a meal you’ve eaten? Did you upload it to your favorite social network and tell your friends about your experience? Are you familiar with scrolling through endless amounts of drool-worthy food photos hashtagged with phrases like #foodstagram, #foodie, #omnomnom, #foodporn,…

        Women of The Dream Puts Teenage Girls On The Road To Success

        Last year at World Headquarters, Campbell hosted the official launch of the Women of the Dream, a non-profit organization focused on developing African-American girls to help them achieve careers and healthy, productive lifestyles through workshops, mentoring, networking and scholarships. Women of the Dream was started by Leslie Morris, a successful African-American woman and graduate of…